Jul 10, 2010

Project Voyager

For my backpacking trip I was in the
need for a new kopter. My old one was too cumbersome for transport and not reliable enough because I crashed it a lot when testing software or by brutal fun flying. At home this was no problem, but on the trip I can only carry few tools and spare parts. I decided to build an koax y6 because:
  • is good collapsable
  • has some redundancy
  • has good orientation visibility

On my trip there where minimum 5 flights with a plane planned. And I know that they sometimes handle the baggage
very roughly, so I had to build a good case. I decided to use an KG tube which is normally used to transport fecals under the earth. These tubes are available in DIY superstores, but not in the size I needed them. My centerplate
is 180mm so I needed the
200mm tube (they are available in 50mm steps). The maximum sized tube I found in the local DIY superstore
s where 100mm. I luckily got the tip by djrobby to look in a civil engineering shop
for tubes that size
and was lucky there. These tubes are very stable (I can even use it as a chair) but that comes with the cost of heaviness. The tube with caps for both sides weight 3.5 kg which is very heavy when you carry it some kilometers.

I call this Kopter Voyager mainly because when I collapse it - it looks like a NCC and I really like Star-Trek ;-) Beside that this Kopter is for traveling purposes and voyager reflects that very good.
Here are some aerial Pictures taken with this MK.
Here is the ( sorry german - but you can look at the images or use google translate ) blog of this trip.