Aug 19, 2008

DUBwise for Android SDK 0.9-r1

I stopped working on DUBwise for Android while they kept the actual SDK secret under NDA's. Yesterday Google finally released Android SDK 0.9-r1. So i checked if the old DUBwise version could be installed on the new SDK and it didnt work - nothing else was to expect ;-) Compiling with the new SDK was blocked by 31 Errors resulting in API-Changes ( e.g. Bitmap.width() => Bitmap.getWith() ) - I fixed those Errors and then I ran into singing-issues - which could be fixxed by creating a new build.xml via
So finally DUBwise is running with the new SDK:

Aug 13, 2008

aerial photography

I've made some aerial photographs the last days.
Some more are shown here.
I also started a wiki page to describe the method I used ( and provide space for other methods ) to trigger the camera.

Aug 5, 2008

Video: AN-72 Boogie Cochstedt 2008 - Mikrokopter Perspective

Some impressions from the AN-72 Boogie, including onboard footage from a Mikrokopter. Featuring Bird Men briefings on the ground, in-plane view of exit, skydivers landing, visitors, planes (Antonov AN-28 and PINK Skyvan), and some in-plane views of the exit. A great day for all of us!

P.S. the AN-72 got stuck in Moldavia...

Video-editing by Katja the ChiliFarmer with Blender & Gimp
Camera: Kodak Z1275

Thanx to Axel from crazy-skydiving for invitation & support !-)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License.

Aug 3, 2008

Video: First Flight of my Second MikroKopter

Now I have a new MikroKopter for Beta-Testing , Rushing around and simply having fun. My CampKopter will be a Camera Kopter for slow flights from now on.

Jul 7, 2008

VIdeo: SubLab QC-Action - public spacemouse flying

the first sublab quadrocopter action within the "Westbesuch" festival in leipzig. interested people could fly my quadrocopter by using a space mouse. although the flight space was very small it was funny and will be repeated - with more space of course.

Jun 16, 2008

DUBwise v0.45

This Weekend i had some time for DUBwise. There was an bug open with DUBwise and FC V0.69. This one is Fixed with DUBwise 0.45 in the SVN

Jun 11, 2008

Video: RC/Tec Meeting @ Boehlen

There was a lot of Fun at the Meeting in Boehlen. Nothing really technical new ( I was very busy working the last weeks ) - but Fun is important too !-)

Apr 30, 2008

QuadroKopter Sunday Video

4 QuadroKopter ( 3 MikroKopter + 1 Wolferl NG ) flying on a sunny sunday in Leipzig:

Apr 23, 2008

DUBwise on HackedGadgets

DUBwise appeared on HackedGadgets ( filed under Complex Hacks ,-):


I've read this site for over one year now - it always inspired me - so now I'm proud to be mentioned there.

absence of Internet

I'm not a "Southpark Fan" but really enjoyed this episode which you can look on the Internet ( if it works ;-) for free. Thanx to for the Hint!

Apr 16, 2008

DUBwise Discussion

and i don't understand anything - but there are many funny chars and my project:


If anyone can translate this - or can give just a hint what they are talking about it would be very cool if you drop me a line ..-)

Video: DUBwise on Android MotorTest

better quality

Android DUBwise Screenshots

I've put some ScreenShots of DUBwise for Android here. A Screencast will follow but i have problems making the video - i'm just a coder - no artist or speaker ;-)

Apr 15, 2008

Nice Go Game

This is the game i played against seba after ~ 2 Days of no food much coffee and just a bit of sleep - but it worked pretty good ( i'm black as usual )

Sunday Onboard Video joined us at our QC-meeting in LeipZig with his new scull-kopter and made a nice little onboard-video:

Apr 14, 2008

Android Developer Challenge Submission

I submitted the Android Port of DUBwise to the Android Developer Challenge:

I wonder how "some time" is defined - I want to kow how they react ;-)
There are some mistakes in the PDF and in the app I submitted but i had to submit before deadline to be save - i had no deadline time info since the nice Timeout-Display on broke with the site ( I get Forbidden Err) but i hope the Concept counts

Apr 9, 2008

MK Video

Here's a MikroKopter video my Girlfriend made with Blender from the Last MK-Sunday:

Apr 5, 2008

4. BLCTRL workin

So i hot-fixed the 4. BLCTRL ( 2 FETs where broken ) - The Shunt is not OK yet ( i have seen that i have the wrong equipment to measure the Shunt - can't measure weather Ohm or Aps in the needed ranges ...)

Apr 2, 2008

new DUBwise banner

Im not an expert in GFX - but i have played with Gimp a bit to get an better DUBwise Banner:

btw. there are now over 4000 Downloads for DUBwise on GetJar !-)

new 4 BL-Ctrl's

I had to solder 4 new BL-Ctrl's for my UAVP-NG and other QuadroKopter experiments:

3 worked out of the Box - one has a problem - the shunt always burns when i power up with firmware 0.41. ( exact problem in german here: )

Mar 31, 2008

QuadKopter Sunday

3 * MikroKopter @ Sunday in LE
from left to right:
seba's LIFEKopter , Devlins Kopter , my CampKopter

Mar 27, 2008

Android Canvas Application

just ported the Smart4Mobile Intro to Android - getting used to the Android-Framework

Change Android Emulator Wallpaper

its simple when you know where the Wallpaper-File is located - i found it via "adb shell" and looking around. To change it simply use "adb push" this way:

adb push /data/misc/wallpaper