Sep 18, 2011

DUBwise UI over time

Today I got some amazing images for DUBwise for UAVTalk from a really cool and professional guy called grass man which enabled me to make DUBwise for UAVTalk look really sweet:

I am working on the mother project DUBwise since 2007 and this is the first time I like the appearance of it. I always had the problem that I cannot simply take free images of the web as DUBwise has this crude (but important for me ) non-military creative-commons licence-construct. Anyway seeing my baby in such a glance today inspired me to look back a bit. Starting with a small step back in time:

The above screen was the state after I came back from my trip around the world I tested all these shiny new UI Patterns like the popular pagers / dashboard / actionbar - was not feeling bad but needed attention from GFX-Pro's e.g. the connection indicator was just a drawColor ( green or red ) - the rest are images that "fit" which i took with my IXUS 80 - and my IXUS is much more like flying and taking pictures like these :-)
But it gets even worse. In Android beginning I did most stuff with ListViews and icons from android.R.drawable:

Now with big steps deep into the dark J2ME area. There I did nearly everything via an LCD+4way-input style interface but with light and dark theming - voice output and a lot of nifty useful things:

and finally this is the very beginning - just plain text writing values from the UAS ( MK at this time ) and the insight that the RC and the Mobile belong together: