Apr 30, 2008

QuadroKopter Sunday Video

4 QuadroKopter ( 3 MikroKopter + 1 Wolferl NG ) flying on a sunny sunday in Leipzig:

Apr 23, 2008

DUBwise on HackedGadgets

DUBwise appeared on HackedGadgets ( filed under Complex Hacks ,-):


I've read this site for over one year now - it always inspired me - so now I'm proud to be mentioned there.

absence of Internet

I'm not a "Southpark Fan" but really enjoyed this episode which you can look on the Internet ( if it works ;-) for free. Thanx to Golem.de for the Hint!

Apr 16, 2008

DUBwise Discussion

and i don't understand anything - but there are many funny chars and my project:


If anyone can translate this - or can give just a hint what they are talking about it would be very cool if you drop me a line ..-)

Video: DUBwise on Android MotorTest

better quality http://www.vimeo.com/905980

Android DUBwise Screenshots

I've put some ScreenShots of DUBwise for Android here. A Screencast will follow but i have problems making the video - i'm just a coder - no artist or speaker ;-)

Apr 15, 2008

Nice Go Game

This is the game i played against seba after ~ 2 Days of no food much coffee and just a bit of sleep - but it worked pretty good ( i'm black as usual )

Sunday Onboard Video

RC-Luftbilder.de joined us at our QC-meeting in LeipZig with his new scull-kopter and made a nice little onboard-video:

Apr 14, 2008

Android Developer Challenge Submission

I submitted the Android Port of DUBwise to the Android Developer Challenge:

I wonder how "some time" is defined - I want to kow how they react ;-)
There are some mistakes in the PDF and in the app I submitted but i had to submit before deadline to be save - i had no deadline time info since the nice Timeout-Display on anddev.org broke with the site ( I get Forbidden Err) but i hope the Concept counts

Apr 9, 2008

MK Video

Here's a MikroKopter video my Girlfriend made with Blender from the Last MK-Sunday:

Apr 5, 2008

4. BLCTRL workin

So i hot-fixed the 4. BLCTRL ( 2 FETs where broken ) - The Shunt is not OK yet ( i have seen that i have the wrong equipment to measure the Shunt - can't measure weather Ohm or Aps in the needed ranges ...)

Apr 2, 2008

new DUBwise banner

Im not an expert in GFX - but i have played with Gimp a bit to get an better DUBwise Banner:

btw. there are now over 4000 Downloads for DUBwise on GetJar !-)

new 4 BL-Ctrl's

I had to solder 4 new BL-Ctrl's for my UAVP-NG and other QuadroKopter experiments:

3 worked out of the Box - one has a problem - the shunt always burns when i power up with firmware 0.41. ( exact problem in german here: http://forum.mikrokopter.de/topic-3946.html )