May 6, 2010

tracedroid - send Stacktraces via Email after FC's on Android

This work is inspired by remote stacktrace for Android i played with recently. But after looking at the sourcecode I decided to do a total rewrite with these things in mind:

  • main: Option to send the trace in other ways - e.g. share via email - pros:
  1. no need for internet permission
  2. having a email adress of the sender to contact the user after e.g. the bugfix
  3. no problem when there is no internet at the moment
  4. user is able to write some more info into the stacktrace mail
  5. user can easily see what is send ( can be important with logging stuff ) and can delete parts of the log
  • modularize ( diffrent send modules )
  • small core ( only collecting stacktraces to files - nothing else )
  • sending asyncronous to collecting - being able to send stacktraces when the user is more in the mood ( e.g. in wlan range )
  • attach Logging info

the screenshot above is from gobandroid 0.46 which now includes tracedroid.

the sourcecode is on github