Mar 4, 2010

gobandroid GnuGo AI support

Based on the NDK part of Andreas Grothe' godroid I managed to add GnuGo AI support to gobandroid with v0.29
I'm more a java than a c guy and my time is very limited at the moment, thats why I had no time to dig into the NDK stuff - so special thanks to Andreas Grothe for the NDK work! I just had to make it work with NDK1.6 ( NDK 1.5 is not avialable any longer ) and change namings in the java bridge and it worked like a charm ;-)
Because gnugo is relatively big for an mobile application and not all users like playing a computer i splitted the GnuGo support to a diffrent apk which acts as a android service. This also opens the possibility to easily add other go AI's ( e.g. fuego ).

It's all GPL - here are the sources:
NDK Part
SDK Part