Feb 4, 2009

DUBwise Range Extender

Finally i had some time for a Project which was in my mind a long time - the DUBwise Range extender.


The Bluetooth Modules in Mobile Phones are very limited in Range ( for reasons of power consumption and size) - which is OK for normal usage of Mobile Phones but was a problem for some use-cases of DUBwise.
The range extender is a little box for the jacket which contains one Zigbee-Pro module ; a Bluetooth Module and power supply. Zigbee and BT are crossed ( rx=>tx ; tx=>rx ).



Now I connect to the BT module in my jacket with the Mobile Phone ( which is <10m in range normaly ) and the (long) distance to the MikroKopter is Made by a ZigBee Pro connection. ( specifyed range ideally by 1mile / 1.6 km )

Beside the range there is one more advantage. I can leave ZigBee on the MK permanently - I dont have to switch between Bluetooth for DUBwise usage and ZigBee for Riddim ...